My first love, is computer Sam Turbo PC. It was very old computer that we had at school. While everyone played games on it, I was trying to do some coding in GWBasic. It was very nice experience, because it had a lot of math included, and I was very hypnotized by math. Then, I started exploring computers and technologies, and wanted to make something of of it.

It was new world. Brand new Universe for me. When I was in front of a computer, I was deep inside it with my thoughts, wanted to understand every bit of it. Okay, maybe not every single bit, but most of the bytes in there. My first program that I was proud of, was 5 meter long printed listing of a program. Somewhere around 10 000 lines of code. The program was "Learning geography on PC" which program was presented on state competition in Skopje.

Then, high school wasn't so efficient about IT for me. We learned Pascal and it was pretty much what I have done in Basic past two years. 

Going on a college for Information Technology was big step for me. Wanted that since forever. Then, I started to learn many new things, lots of information that haven't heard before, new improved algorithms that haven't seen before and more competition from all over. Colleagues were smart. It was hard to compete. That made me more persistent.

I must confess, I love computers. 

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